Advantages of core hr software

Core HR refers to the functions carried out by the hr department and data about employees, core HR software Plays a vital role in the growth of an organization. By using core HR Software u can store the employe data, automate repeating HR tasks, and generating reports as per our requirement. It also facilitates core HR functions like recruiting onboarding, training, scheduling, and compliance.

Features of core HR software :

1.Database: core hr software must be secure as it consists of employee data like employee personal details, job details, employment history, benefits information,

2.Scheduling: scheduling is more about when an employee is going to work, It also deals with employee absence tracking and payment of sick leave benefits vacation approvals.

3.Employee self-service portal: It is easy for employees to apply for leaves in the ess portal and also they can update their personal information therefore it creates positive employee experience.

4.Reports: By using core hr software u can generate reports thus it will be helpful in maintaining positive insight to the operations

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