ESS portal- ESS Software-Employee Self Service Portal

Features of ESS Portal :

ESS Portal 
1.Help DeskEmployees can use this feature to find a way to reach their destination. By using help desk feature employees can access personal records, schedule tasks and access other company-related information from location, it helps in saving time and gives a sense of empowerment to employees.

PF calculation - esi calculation on salary -statutory compliance in HR

Features of PF calculation software :

profession Tax
1.Profession TaxProfessional Tax is collected by the employers from the monthly salaries of the employees and penalties are charged if there is a failure in collecting or failing to pay professional taxes. Professional Tax amount varies from state to state; hence it set state wise in our Statutory Compliance Management Systems.

core hrms software - online hrm software - cloud hr software

Features of core HRMS software :

1. Documentation - Circular, and policyHRMS Software Eliminates the hassles of unnecessary paperwork and documentation. Move to our Cloud HRMS software facilitates leave management and attendance management record of each employee with the HR analysis report. HRMS Software dashboard helps the manager to organize employee data and HR Policies. This Cloud HR Software displays varied panels to access through Permissions, Leaves (Employees Leaves), Gratuity Details, Leave Deduction Rules, Attendance Rules, TDS (Employees, Admin Employees), Email, etc. These comprehensive reports give you an option to focus on your core business rather than investing time on an employee record, which is available at the click of a button.
attendance management software - Online Attendance Management system -time and attendance software

attendance management software - Online Attendance Management system -time and attendance software

Features of attendance management software :

1. Integrate with biometric devices: Biometric devices can serve different individuals and organizations for better attendance management and security. Win HRM Payroll Cloud Attendance Management Software can be integrated with third-party software or biometric devices. Data can be directly transferred to the online attendance management software once the attendance is captured by getting the thumb or any finger impression into the machine. Online Attendance Management Software can be mapped to any such devices and hardware components. Attendance Management Software can also track employee records like overtime, holidays and other work schedules. 
ESS portal- ESS Software-Employee Self Service Portal

ESS portal- ESS Software-Employee Self Service Portal

Features of  ESS Software :

1.Employee InfoThe best feature of our Cloud Employee Self-Service Software is that it empowers employees to manage and access their data anytime anywhere. A most common feature of our Cloud ESS is it allows employees to access and change personal information such as contact information, address, and banking information (though approval may be required), leave details in Employee Information details.
Online leave management System - leave management software -Employee Leave Management System

Online leave management System - leave management software -Employee Leave Management System

Features of Online leave management system :

1. Leave management and planning: Online Leave Management Application helps you to customize the different leave types and set up complex leave policies for any type of industry having multiple locations in multiple countries. Leave Management Software Automates to leave the approval process and curtail unapproved leaves and absenteeism. Cloud Leave Management Software is a user-friendly Employee dashboard and the employees can check and update their self-service dashboard. Employee Leave Management System has an easy interface to apply and view leave request status and leave records. The leave planner allows administrators to set up employee information and leave types and policies attached to it easily.
PF calculation - esi calculation on salary -statutory compliance in HR

PF calculation - esi calculation on salary -statutory compliance in HR

Features of pf calculation :

Employee state insuranceESI fund, maintained by ESIC is a social security scheme that is applicable to employees earning Rs 21,000 or less per month to provide cash and medical benefits to them and their families. ESI is calculated at 4.75% from the employer side and 1.75% from the employee’s side. These amounts will be calculated on monthly gross salary and a limit is a setup. If the gross amount is less than the setup limit amount then those employees will be eligible for ESI. The cumulative contribution from the employer and employee will be deducted from the CTC every month. To ensure the hassle-free operation of Statutory Compliances for PF Deduction and ESI Fund a robust payroll service is much required.
payroll software - Cloud Payroll Software - online Payroll Software

payroll software - Cloud Payroll Software - online Payroll Software

Features of payroll software :

1.Statutory complianceOnline Payroll Management System can generate statutory compliance reports in just a few clicks. Payroll software binds the complete legal framework within the organizations with respect to the treatment of their employees. Payroll Software accommodates all big and small companies to keep their businesses safe from any legal trouble. Online Payroll software aligned with Indian labor laws and can deal with a range of issues from the payment of minimum wages to managing PF, ESI, PT and maternity benefits or any other taxes. Gratuity, Salary Linked Insurance Schemes, and bonuses can be integrated into this Online Payroll Management System.
core hrms software - online hrm software - cloud hr software

core hrms software - online hrm software - cloud hr software

Features of core HRMS software :

1.Employee tracking and managementProductivity tracking is the key to every business. Maximize your ROI on your human Resource Management by tracking productivity for each employee with the designated KPI’s and goals. Cloud HR software automates the Streamline workflow of each employee. HCM Software generates fair and punctual payroll process each time. HRMS Software provides a visually engaging way to aggregate and present employee data with all the information in a meaningful way. From PowerPoint to basic database reports and from Excel spreadsheets to real-time you can streamline your data like never before. Core HR Software simplifies metrics and numbers from multiple data sources to easily understand, view, and share.

Attendance management software - Online attendance management software - Employee Database software

Features of Attendance management software :

Attendance management software 
1.Attendance PoliciesAttendance Management System Attendance is calculating Attendance on a monthly basis to process the salaries and tracking attendance manually can be a cumbersome process. Attendance Management Software customizes the pay period and attendance period setup as per each organization’s requirement in a simple and easy way. WinHRM Cloud Attendance Management Software does end to end automation of managing, tracking and scheduling employee hours. Attendance Management System Integrated with attendance tracking, manual attendance tracking, attendance importing at month-end through excel and approved attendance tracker by the manager. Attendance Management System also works in a seamless manner with the existing biometric systems.

ESS portal - ESS software - Employee self service portal

Features of  Employee self-service portal :

Employee self-service portal 

1.Employee DashboardOur Cloud Employee Self-Service Software systems allow employees to view payroll information and schedules related to it in the Employee Dashboard. Employees can view their leave balance details, Tax declaration details, visiting card and ID card information, Medical expenses, other bonus, gifts and welfare details in the Employee Dashboard.

Online leave management system - leave management software - employee leave management system

Features of  Online leave management system :

Online leave management software 

1. Fully customized leave policiesOnline leave management system software is designed for every business like small and medium businesses to large enterprises. cloud leave management software offers complete flexible and multi-location based settings. Employee Leave Management Software provides a quick way to implement HR and Leave Management Application on the cloud. 

PF Calculation - esi calculation on salary - statutory compliance in HR

Features of pf calculation software :

Statutory compliance 

1.Provident FundProvident Fund or PF is a compulsory contributory fund for the future of employees. It works as a corpus fund generated through regular and monthly contributions made by an employee and employer. A minimum of 12% is calculated from the basic component of the employee’s salary and contributed as PF is deducted from the CTC. The cumulative contribution of the employer and employee will be added to the PF account of the employee, which can be en-cashed for future purposes. Companies will have to stay EPFO complaints once they have 20 or more employees.

Online payroll software - payroll software - Cloud payroll software

Features of  online payroll software :

Online payroll software 

1.Early salary & payroll configuration: WIN HRM Payroll web-based payroll management software is a robust and comprehensive Payroll Software that works as a single repository for your Core HR  needs. WIN HRM Payroll has robust built-in Payroll software that allows you to configure your payroll management system that Simplifies complex calculations of Income Tax, Employee Benefits, Reimbursements, Provident Fund reports, Professional Tax reports, ESI reports, etc. Payroll Software generates a complete Pay slip which includes Pay Category Details like Salary Code, CTC, Variable, Fixed, Professional Tax and type of salary (Earning/Deduction). Also generates reports of employees’ expenses and other claims like fuel, medical, LTA, etc., in just a few clicks

Cloud based HR software - core hrms software - Cloud hr software

Features of Cloud-based HR software :

Cloud-based HR software 
1.HR Dashboard: Cloud HRMS Software facilitates the complete range of HR functions and responsibilities. HRMS Software provides ultimate easy-to-use features for paperless Payroll process, hiring, Timesheets Management, Performance appraisals, HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) and many more. The WIN HRM Payroll Cloud HR Software is powered by core database and extensive features like employee resource management which makes administration efficient, easier and accurate. WIN HRM Payroll HRMS Software is coupled with great visuals and graphs that can be easily accessed. The Core HRMS efficiently manages the cycle of hire-to-retire through a smartly designed dashboard.