Advantages of cloud attendance management software

Advantages of Attendance management software

Online attendance management software 
1.Accuracy: Maintaining the attendance record of the employees is very difficult and also
if there is any mislead it may lead to a lot of troubles to the organization from employees,
By using winhrmpayroll attendance management software u can maintain accuracy in attendance

2.cost reduction: A paper-based system may give a chance to provide an inaccurate time report,
But you can avoid such type of misleads through the high-quality attendance monitoring system, thus the software helps you in saving a lot of money that you would have lost through payroll
errors and fraud.

3.Flexibility: Few of the employees may work from home or at remote locations by using
attendance management software u can track employee time using a variety of options such as
smartphones, internet networks, swiping technologies, biometric terminals or desktop readers

4.Visibility/insights: By using attendance management software one can generate the monthly summary reports of the employees.

Advantages of core hr software

Core HR refers to the functions carried out by the hr department and data about employees, core HR software Plays a vital role in the growth of an organization. By using core HR Software u can store the employe data, automate repeating HR tasks, and generating reports as per our requirement. It also facilitates core HR functions like recruiting onboarding, training, scheduling, and compliance.

Features of core HR software :

1.Database: core hr software must be secure as it consists of employee data like employee personal details, job details, employment history, benefits information,

2.Scheduling: scheduling is more about when an employee is going to work, It also deals with employee absence tracking and payment of sick leave benefits vacation approvals.

3.Employee self-service portal: It is easy for employees to apply for leaves in the ess portal and also they can update their personal information therefore it creates positive employee experience.

4.Reports: By using core hr software u can generate reports thus it will be helpful in maintaining positive insight to the operations

Advantages of statutory compliances

statutory compliances define adhere  rules and regulations that an organization follows when dealing
with its employees

1. It ensures that the employees are paid based on the work they have done.

2. It ensures that the employees are not working for long hours or inhuman conditions.

3. It protects organizations from unreasonable wage or benefit demands from employee unions

4. It prevents organizations from legal troubles.

5.TDS Deductions: Employees having reasonable pay scale will have to lose a sum of money to TDS Deductions made by the employers of the company, Education, travel leave, medical allowance impacts TDS Deductions

6.wage system: Statutory compliance in HR benefits where there are minimum wages, This system helps in maintaining fixed and standard incomes for skilled and unskilled labours.

7.Provident fund: pf is the money saved for the workers to ensure that their basic needs are taken care of after they retire or not able to work.

8.Bonus act: Bonus is given to the employees for their performance over the period of time, This motivates employees to work with more efficiency for the betterment of the organization.

Advantages of leave management software

It is very difficult to maintain leave records of employees manually or using spreadsheets, excel and also takes a lot of time to avoid such problems online leave management software is helpful.

leave management system 
1.Accuracy: Accuracy is more important when it comes to leave report even small mismatch may lead to troubles to avoid such things and be more accurate online leave management is helpful.

2. Leave policies: Leave management software has rules for taking leaves and approvals and it allows employees or managers  not to misuse the leave policies

3.Time-saving: By using online leave management software a lot of time is saved

4.Information about the employee: Leave management software has employee data stored in it, so u  can easily track the employees leave report and helps in reducing the effort to track how many days an employee is in leave and how long the leave can be

Advantages of payroll software

Advantages of payroll software :

payroll software 
For every employee of the organization, you need to pay a salary at the end of the month, it is very difficult if you are going with manual because it includes dealing with many risky tasks like calculating a number of working days, generating payslips. A good payroll system will help you
to reduce such tasks

1. It makes easy in payroll calculations and deductions

2. It also generates payslips

3. It reduces the effort in calculating bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, etc.

4. It helps in generating annual reports

5. It also reduces efforts by storing data such as payslips and annual reports

payroll software also provides additional information about data and analysis to make payroll
information more useful to your business

1.Linking payroll software with time recording: By linking payroll software with time recording
one can track the attendance report of the employee or hours he worked and this allows you to
automatically transfer information about hours he worked into payroll software and make payroll
calculations much easier.

2.storing personal records: Most of the organizations will store their employee annual leave records, so by using payroll software u have the facility to store annual leave records this helps in maintaing extra software.