Why do You Need HR And Payroll Software For Your Business?

Why do You Need HR And Payroll Software For Your Business?

 The best HR and payroll systems can help to bridge crucial gaps between employees and organizations. Remote working or work-from-home has become the new normal these days. Many companies and SMEs are opting for remote working, especially after this coronavirus outbreak, HR software provides remote connectivity for employees working from various locations. Here are a few reasons why every organization should implement human resources payroll software ASAP.

1. Boost Employee Morale

Every HR payroll platforms have personal time trackers and personalized dashboards. Thus, employees get a detailed overview of their daily task performance, attendance stats, and pay status. In other words, they have more command over the process and are more likely to stay with your organization. Cloud HR software solution also helps managers to connect with their employees quickly and assists them in reviewing the work of the employee. Thus, by Increasing the production with high quality with this kind of software solution, SMEs can get real-time feedback for their employees which will help them in making decisions during the appraisal.

2. Improves Data Security

One of the most important reasons to invest in payroll software is data safety. By using Manual methods there is a chance of misusage of the data so most of the software has several security measures in place to avoid breaches. For example, encryption user authentication, firewalls.

3. Simplify The Hiring Process

When you work in human resources management there are many tasks to perform. You must record job descriptions, employee training, conduct annual reviews, and identify trends in employee behavior and performance which makes your HR activities more hectic. It allows you to streamline this process and manage team performance more efficiently. 

4. Employee self-service portals

In Employee self-service portals (ESS)employees can access information through a central gateway. Through the ESS portals, employees can view their own payroll, schedules, and benefits records from anywhere, at any time, and also make updates to their own details.

5. Reduces Human Errors

Manual processing creates many errors which include miscalculation in taxes, ignoring taxable items, feeding forms with improper information, and much more. All these errors can make a huge impact on your business. Hence HR and payroll software Plays important role in HR Activities and reduces efforts, time, and errors, Every company should prefer for its businesses.

How cloud hr software has improved the workplace ?

How cloud hr software has improved the workplace ?

With the increase in technology, human resource operations became much easier with the cloud hr software, HR software has come a far more affordable and effective way to manage a company’s pool. 

Still, as the commercial world went global, companies demanded a more effective result to overcome geographical boundaries for real-time shadowing and remote pool operation. Cloud HR Payroll software came as the trailblazing result to the twenty-first century HR operation needs. 

WINHRMPAYROLL is the best development in business technology to address the challenges HR directors face moment. It helps in efficiently managing remote workers, time, and coffers while icing real-time shadowing and reporting. 

 WIN HRM PAYROLL is a Cloud HRMS software that helps companies to manage their workers effectively. It allows companies to track the time and attendance of the remote pool, process leave requests, manage pool schedules, and more anytime and from anywhere and it is accessible to everyone – directors, workers, and babe likewise. It can be penetrated through any web cybersurfer or mobile device to pierce records, attendance, and payroll details anywhere, anytime. 

 The job of the HR department is further than just recycling payroll and shadowing attendance. Hiring, training, and retaining precious workers is a more significant concern for successful mortal resource operation. HR operation is now about erecting a productive pool that can grow. 


1. Real-time Performance Analysis Organizations can now have translucency into the performance of their pool by gaining access to real-time reports grounded on live data. 

2. Enhanced Workplace Flexibility Associations can borrow a flexible working terrain for the remote and demesne pool. Workers can register their attendance indeed at a customer meeting or while working from home. 

3. Hand Tone- Service Portal On WINHRMPAYROLL system offers a centralized space where workers can see their records and history. It allows them to track their leaves, timesheets, payroll details, etc. which ultimately leads to a more engaged pool. 

4. Improved Communication Cloud- grounded mortal resource software allows employers to Happily authorize leaves, communicate work schedules,   manage timetables, and share important adverts. 

5. Paperless Green Office Web- grounded HR software makes it easy for HR professionals to reuse timesheets, attendance, and leaves. 

6. Online electronic forms rather than hard clones save a lot of paper to make the earth greener. 

How to pick right cloud based payroll software ?

For every organization, Payroll processing is more important if it is mismanaged that may end up in a situation where employees feel insecure within the organization. Moreover, there is a huge probability of errors with unorganized payroll processes. Hence every business needs software to manage payroll effectively.

This article helps you in picking the right cloud-based payroll software for your business.

Payroll software

What is Cloud payroll software?

Cloud-based payroll software helps the employees to access the data from any location, which allows the employees to work freely from anywhere without any location constraints.It is well designed in terms of safety and data security  With password encryption and other security traits, allowing safe access of payroll transactions to the employees.

What is the need for payroll software?

Small businesses may feel that there is no requirement for payroll software, As the technology is improving and situations like pandemics make payroll very easy by using the payroll management software, Please follow or know the below-mentioned points before you select the payroll software.

Reduces errors:

By Making the payroll process digitalized would surely reduce errors that are high at the time of manual entry. By using payroll software errors will be reduced and help in the on-time processing of the payroll to the employees.

Security :

Every payroll software should be maintained with high security as it contains the Employee data, so before selecting a payroll software one should look into security terms.

Seamless Integration :

most organizations are preferring the cloud platform so data goes on to the cloud and the data flow mechanism between various enterprise solutions. It usually has two data points 1. HR system for managing employee Data and financial ERP systems for managing the accounting and finance books so It’s important to understand the data flow protocols being used by the vendors, and how united they are with your existing systems, to ensure a secure exchange and processing of data over the cloud.

Ensure scalability :

As our organization keeps growing we need to expand and the provider needs to scale up, we need to check whether the vendor can support services across multiple countries, as the company grows.

Five important features of HRMS software for Remote Teams Management


Core hrms software

Almost all businesses worldwide have seen an interesting journey of switching to remote working in 2020. With working from home becoming the new norm nowadays, They are considering serious steps to ensure that their productivity remains constant with a hybrid working approach once things start to get back to normal.

HR's Role has been more critical as of now considering the dynamic of workspaces and workforce routines that have evolved significantly in the last year. Managing  Remote teams becomes a difficult and tedious task for HR without HR software. So, Let's find out the features that make a perfect HR management software.

5 Integral Features of an HR Software

With the technology is improving day by day and also the world is getting digitalized, workforce management requires well-equipped and designed HR software, Following features are essential for sophisticated hr software.

1. Facial Recognition :

Conventional HRMS will have basic biometric features that are not enough to maintain accurate attendance tracking and many other things that the HR department would be concerned with. As technology and digitalization are improved having a facial recognition feature to mark attendance is more crucial than a layman could fathom. This feature helps in an accurate approach towards recording attendance, while also ensuring that the security of the HRMS remains intact which helps HR in maintaining accurate records of attendance, leaves, and much more.

In any organization, one must always thrive for maintaining the security and safety of your employees. Facial recognition can serve as a password for employees to access their dashboards.

2. Employee Self Service(ESS) 

One major problem that this pandemic has brought for HR Department is managing remote working employee tasks to reduce this issue Employee self-service portal comes into place. It can significantly reduce the HR’s time consumption of manual and mechanical tasks which also includes raising requests on the behalf of employees filling personal data, filing in attendance sheets, and more. This helps in saving a lot of time for HR and also allows the employees to concentrate on their works and improve productivity.

3. Compliance Management

Every organization has workplace rules, regulations, and compliances that must be followed. Having an HRMS that has a holistic draw close over those compliances is imperative for handling remote teams. Compliance management can regularly check and use facts from the personnel to generate reviews for compliance purposes. Therefore it is a very important feature for the employees working from the remote areas as one cannot look after their duties and work.

4. Payroll Management

This is an important feature that has become a necessity for managing remote teams. Integration of hr payroll management with the time modules, attendance, and task completion simplifies the payroll activities across all departments. 

This feature is along with ESS, which makes the payroll process more precise. By this Employees can have an overview of their payroll cycles, generate receipts on the go, and download their invoices amongst many other things this feature brings to the table.

A Sophisticated HRMS comes with the best payroll management features, that not only help companies in calculating the benefits and salaries of their employees but also update the numbers and metrics as their organization grows. Hence reduces the risk in calculating the time and salaries of the employees.

5. Analytics

For any organization Collecting valuable data, analyzing it, and generating insightful reports to develop solid strategies for employee management is a key task for HR. Analytics features are inbuilt in core HRMS software which reduces the efforts of the HR department and increases the precision.

Features to be considerd before selecting a leave management software

Online leave management software

Its never been a simple task for HR departments to manage employee leaves manually.It is one of the most important aspects for any business and includes much more than only granting and approving leaves of the entire staff. It is hard to maintain leave records manually in the form of spreadsheets etc, This can be replaced by online leave management software for maintaining leave records applying leaves online and also to check the number of leaves he left with, So before purchasing a leave management software certain features need to be considered to choose the best leave management software.

Features of leave management software :

1. Minimize Payroll Errors :

It becomes very difficult to manually monitor every leave taken by employees and calculate payouts correctly to run payroll, but this difficulty can be removed by having access to an auto-populated staff leave calendar integrated with your payroll management software, which calculates the leaves automatically and there will be no need to calculate leaves manually. Hence it enhances the overall efficiency of your human resource department and minimizes human errors on the payroll.

2. Self-service for Employees:

Employees coming to the HR to know whether their leave is confirmed or not makes it difficult for employees and to the hr department, So providing them with a self-service portal, where they can apply for leaves and also know about the approvals, makes it easy and also it acts as a single access point to manage all employee details, Therefore making leave management a trouble-free process for managers as well as their employees.

3. Keep a Check on Your Unscheduled Leaves : 

In any organization, unplanned leaves can have a deeper impact on overall productivity. employees can be on leave for many reasons, and having a look at any unplanned leaves can be too long and difficult.

A sophisticated leave management solution can be integrated seamlessly with your online attendance management software, no matter whether if it’s web-based attendance tracking, biometric device, or key card access. Sending timely notifications to the employer on a worker’s absence can reduce the wastage of time and productivity by allotting the same work to another employee. Hence reducing the efforts of the HR Department 

4. Enhance Decision Making with Reports and Intuitive Dashboards:

With this captured data, one can create analytical reports, either in the form of graphs or tables. It is very useful for any HR team, which spends a lot of time generating and examining reports to have access to such a helpful solution.

Importance of statutory compliance in HR for an organization

Importance of statutory compliance in HR for an organization

 It is known that the scope of statutory compliance in an organization is limited to deducting taxes from employees' salary and paying it to the government. While it is not the only thing it does, it also ensures that the organization provides adequate benefits to employees as well.

firstly we learn about tax compliance and its importance in business. This needs to be further split into four parts: Withholding, Contributing, Remittance & Reporting.

Withholding: Every employer should follow certain tax rules as mandated by the respective agencies of the government in India, employee salaries are deducted towards Income tax, Provident fund, ESI, Professional Tax, and Labour Welfare Fund.

Contributing: Those above-mentioned deductions are made from the employees for their welfare. Each of these compliances is again governed by a set of rules and formulas.

Remittance:  Once deductions are done from the employees for the month, the employer has to make contributions and arrangements to remit them to the respective departments of the government. There are specific timelines & formats by when they need to be remitted and  Most of the remittances can now be done online through the banking system. 

Reporting: After deductions are made from the employees and remitted to the respective department in government, it is time for filling  ‘Returns’. It is a detailed report submitted by an organization to the respective government departments accompanying the remittances. It contains information on income paid to its employees and the taxes deducted.  Therefore the report should match the remittance made. Again, the respective returns are to be submitted as per specified timelines and formats.

Assessments & Internal Audits:

Authorized inspectors or enforcement officers of government departments are required to audit the remittances and returns for each completed year in order to check for any violations.    

Why WIN HRM Payroll?

Payroll and Statutory compliance in hr is a specialized subject and many prefer it to be managed by professionals due to constant changes in rules and also keeping in mind the adverse impacts of non-compliance. winhrmpayroll software helps you to manage the entire process seamlessly. our hr software support the computation of the right taxes, preparation of accurate reports/challans and link the system to government portals for remittances and filing of returns as well.

ESI Calculation |How to calculate esi calculation on salary in india?

ESI Calculation |How to calculate esi calculation on salary in india?

 What is ESI?

ESI is defined as Employees state insurance (ESI) is a beneficial scheme for employees in India during their health-related problems. Employees' monthly contribution is deducted from employee and employer accounts as ESI Contribution.

As per ESIC rules, ESI deduction is applicable for employees at organizations with the strength of more than 10 persons and it is applicable for full-time employees and not for contract employees.

ESI Contribution is a type of social security for state employees, Deductions and calculations depend on the states of India.

How is esi calculation on salary is done?

Major parameters are 

1. Gross pay

2. DA(Dearness allowance)

3. Employment state

4. City compensatory allowance

ESI contribution is from both employee and employer as employee's contribution is 0.75 % of the gross salary whereas the employer's contribution is 3.25% of the gross salary of the employee.

A sophisticated HRMS solution can make ESI calculation and compliance management easier for the HR department and payroll department.

Advantages of attendance management software

Advantages of attendance management software

Most of the organizations or companies feel difficulty in maintaining the attendance, timesheets manually. As the technology is developed many switched to the automated Online attendance management software which is more helpful and reduces the burden with more accuracy. Below are the advantages of using attendance management software

1. Accuracy 

Accuracy is very important to be maintained by the organization in terms of attendance, timesheet, Errors may occur with humans if we provide them with computer devices too, But an Automated attendance management system provides accurate time records, attendances and minimizes the errors.

2. Productivity/Efficiency

Managing and maintaining attendance manually is very difficult and time-consuming which takes time to process paper sheets and timesheets, scheduling, authorized leave, overtime, and creating payroll manually. with the automated system which does all the work that the administration does and reduces the burden of tracking the employee hours and importing information into the payroll system. Therefore time and effort are saved combined with data accuracy which leads to increased productivity and improves profits.

3. Security

Protecting the data of the employees is very important for every organization, Most attendance management software is highly secured. Specifically, biometric systems are highly secure and can prevent time theft, buddy punching, and reduce administrative costs stemming from forgotten PINs and lost ID cards

4. Real-time Tracking

A cloud-based attendance management system enables time tracking and provides inputs for payroll processing which helps in managing alternative payment schedules and makes all information available in real-time.

5. Flexibility

In this modern world, employees are choosing remote locations to work, These online attendance management system allow organizations to track employee time using a variety of clocking options, such as smartphones, internet networks, swiping technologies, biometric terminals, or desktop readers easily.

6. Visibility/Insights

With the attendance management software, one can get a clear insight of an employee like hours he worked, number of leaves, Overtime, and monthly reports. Customized reports are generated with any data and improve visibility and transparency within the organization.

Features of cloud HR software

Features of cloud HR software

HR Software is one of the most post popular types of systems adopted by many businesses,but choosing the right hr at an affordable price with great features will be more effective. Here are the features to be considered before choosing HR Software.

1.Employee information management

HRM software should have complete information of employee profiles like personal information, job and salary history, banking and tax details, insurance plans, time off requests, disciplinary history, performance feedback, and other custom fields that are important for the company, so that all the employees’ information is linked to the main record, for ease of tracking and reporting. Subsequently, employees can log in to the ESS portal and can check their information, and can have knowledge about their leaves, working days many more.

2.Hiring and Recruitment

HRM software will assist with all human resource responsibilities throughout the employee lifecycle from recruitment to hiring. It can completely streamline the hiring process for HR departments with automated HR system features.

3.Talent Management 

core hr software with robust talent management HR features will evaluate employees well beyond the interview process. Once hired, It can provide information on performance assessments, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and more. With these programs, the HR Department can receive the feedback of the employees from the software. This helps in reducing the time-consuming team meetings and increases the productivity

4.Benefits Management

Managing employee benefits, like healthcare, pf is a major component of any HRMS solution. Your hr software features should facilitate the workflows and information for benefits and also need to permit employees to enroll in benefits through the HRM minimizes errors and extraneous work.

5.Financial Management

Managing the payment for employees is one of the most important duties of a human resource department. By using an HRM system, your business can streamline this essential HR functionality and ensure all employees are properly compensated that covers Base salary administration, bonus programs, commissions, and stock and long-term incentive management are included in various modules.

6.Time and Attendance Management

cloud hr software can provide functionality for scheduling shifts and attendance. It can schedule employees across departments, locations, and projects, HRM platforms can also give alerts to employees when schedules change or staffing levels are inadequate. Electronic timesheets make payroll and time tracking smooth. Time off management features can handle paid time off accrual and use, disability leave, maternity/paternity leave, and other absences.

How an inefficient leave management software affects your business ?

Leave management processes always have an impact on business, Leaves of the employees must be tracked and validated to make better decisions in terms of human resources. It is very difficult to maintain manual paper-based processes for the HR department to gather information and also to approve or deny the leaves.

As the value of the company increases at the same time the number of employees of the company increases, It will show the impact on the hr department, if they are maintaining the leave reports with traditional paper forms and spreadsheets. To avoid such situations many companies are investing
in leave management software solutions reducing the scope of potential errors.

These are some of the points of an inefficient leave management software that impact on your business

1.Poor Employee Scheduling: proper employee scheduling plays a key role in enhancing productivity and meeting the business goals of the company, with flexible employee shifts and working hours scheduling for employees for various tasks will be difficult and complicated.

Absenteeism can lead to confusion within the organization in multiple forms like poor skill mix, flawed or slow workflows and could result in difficulties in delivering the project on time.

2. Impact employee's performance: Employees should maintain proper work-life balance for businesses to deliver outstanding results. Employees taking too many leaves will only clock-in for a few hours of work every day and end up not being productive even when they are present. In the same way, employees who do not take enough time off may stress themselves and overworked. In both cases, employees will not deliver the expected performance you would want, so it's
difficult for managers to track their employee's time-off to ensure a proper work-life balance is maintained.

3. Crunch on available resources: managers must keep an eye on individual leaves of the employees to ensure a sufficient workforce is available in the office to manage the tasks and meet deadlines, But without any time-off software solutions it is very difficult for managers to track the time-off of the each employee.

4.The Bottom line: However, a strong leave management software with advanced features could empower your company to manage their employees more effectively than they do now, By
using leave management software complete life cycle of the employee can be tracked though the employee is on leave for a short or long period of time.

Increase in workplace efficiency using attendance management software

Increase in workplace efficiency using attendance management software

1. Every organization wants to know how their employee spend their time when they are working for clients. Attendance management not only useful to bill clients but also reduces the time HR Managers spend on administrative and attendance related activities.

2. Manual attendance maintenance may lead to many errors, so replacing them with attendance management software will help companies to save time reduce administrative work. Attendance management software makes simple and effortless in maintaining and tracking data of the employees.

3. By using the right attendance management software an organization can have a great deal of time and minimize errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations which help in saving efforts, time and money and makes the workplace more productive.

4. The best attendance management software will have features like a good web-based software which allows access anywhere any time and implement overall timesheet easily, quickly, calculate payrolls and manages holidays and week offs easily

some core features of win hrm attendance management software are :

1.Attendance Policies

2.Integrates with biometric devices

3.Attendance capture from varied sources

payroll features need to be considered before selecting a payroll software

payroll software 

1. Payroll solution supported by Right HRIS: HRIS stands for the Human resource information system it acts as a data source to payroll software. When we go through employee payslips we not only find the basic employee pay information, but also other details like grade or pay-range, leave and absence data, Thus HRIS is the source of all these information and the correct production of data is only possible if payroll system is integrated with HRIS. A fully integrated HRIS plays the key factor in getting employees paid on time and correctly.

2. Safeguarding Business with automated payroll compliance: Once you selected the right HRIS, Then the main thing u need to consider is whether ur payroll solution accommodates the ever-changing tax laws. payroll compliance is the pillar of the payroll system. Non-compliance may lead to heavy fines, and the fluid natures of tax laws need administrators to monitor the changes and adapt to them in their payroll system and the changes will be in huge numbers, Thus if you adopt a payroll software which is 100% statutory compliantly and automatically incorporates changes and updates then u no need to worry about PF, PT, LWF and ESI Calculations.

3. Choose a payroll solution that works efficiently on Reporting and analytics: payroll analytics helps in understanding where the money is going and what benefits does business is getting from these expenses. The right payroll software helps in knowing insights on department-wise budgets, compensatory breakdowns, provide statistics on employee count, salary and benefits and also gives insights about hiring statistics and turnover rates. payroll analytics helps finance teams in providing accurate results over a period and that will help them to budget accurately and manage cash flows. Therefore the right payroll software helps you to know about the data without breaking a sweat.

4.Data Security: Any information of the employees should be carried out with utmost care and it is important that your payroll software is equipped with high-security protocols. The best way to secure data is by educating the employee about the importance of handling sensitive information. The right payroll software assures that your data is protected by several layers of data encryption. 

Advantages of cloud attendance management software

Advantages of Attendance management software

Online attendance management software 
1.Accuracy: Maintaining the attendance record of the employees is very difficult and also
if there is any mislead it may lead to a lot of troubles to the organization from employees,
By using winhrmpayroll attendance management software u can maintain accuracy in attendance

2.cost reduction: A paper-based system may give a chance to provide an inaccurate time report,
But you can avoid such type of misleads through the high-quality attendance monitoring system, thus the software helps you in saving a lot of money that you would have lost through payroll
errors and fraud.

3.Flexibility: Few of the employees may work from home or at remote locations by using
attendance management software u can track employee time using a variety of options such as
smartphones, internet networks, swiping technologies, biometric terminals or desktop readers

4.Visibility/insights: By using attendance management software one can generate the monthly summary reports of the employees.