Five important features of HRMS software for Remote Teams Management


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Almost all businesses worldwide have seen an interesting journey of switching to remote working in 2020. With working from home becoming the new norm nowadays, They are considering serious steps to ensure that their productivity remains constant with a hybrid working approach once things start to get back to normal.

HR's Role has been more critical as of now considering the dynamic of workspaces and workforce routines that have evolved significantly in the last year. Managing  Remote teams becomes a difficult and tedious task for HR without HR software. So, Let's find out the features that make a perfect HR management software.

5 Integral Features of an HR Software

With the technology is improving day by day and also the world is getting digitalized, workforce management requires well-equipped and designed HR software, Following features are essential for sophisticated hr software.

1. Facial Recognition :

Conventional HRMS will have basic biometric features that are not enough to maintain accurate attendance tracking and many other things that the HR department would be concerned with. As technology and digitalization are improved having a facial recognition feature to mark attendance is more crucial than a layman could fathom. This feature helps in an accurate approach towards recording attendance, while also ensuring that the security of the HRMS remains intact which helps HR in maintaining accurate records of attendance, leaves, and much more.

In any organization, one must always thrive for maintaining the security and safety of your employees. Facial recognition can serve as a password for employees to access their dashboards.

2. Employee Self Service(ESS) 

One major problem that this pandemic has brought for HR Department is managing remote working employee tasks to reduce this issue Employee self-service portal comes into place. It can significantly reduce the HR’s time consumption of manual and mechanical tasks which also includes raising requests on the behalf of employees filling personal data, filing in attendance sheets, and more. This helps in saving a lot of time for HR and also allows the employees to concentrate on their works and improve productivity.

3. Compliance Management

Every organization has workplace rules, regulations, and compliances that must be followed. Having an HRMS that has a holistic draw close over those compliances is imperative for handling remote teams. Compliance management can regularly check and use facts from the personnel to generate reviews for compliance purposes. Therefore it is a very important feature for the employees working from the remote areas as one cannot look after their duties and work.

4. Payroll Management

This is an important feature that has become a necessity for managing remote teams. Integration of hr payroll management with the time modules, attendance, and task completion simplifies the payroll activities across all departments. 

This feature is along with ESS, which makes the payroll process more precise. By this Employees can have an overview of their payroll cycles, generate receipts on the go, and download their invoices amongst many other things this feature brings to the table.

A Sophisticated HRMS comes with the best payroll management features, that not only help companies in calculating the benefits and salaries of their employees but also update the numbers and metrics as their organization grows. Hence reduces the risk in calculating the time and salaries of the employees.

5. Analytics

For any organization Collecting valuable data, analyzing it, and generating insightful reports to develop solid strategies for employee management is a key task for HR. Analytics features are inbuilt in core HRMS software which reduces the efforts of the HR department and increases the precision.

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