Functions of HR Payroll System

Functions of HR Payroll System

  HR Payroll System

HR Payroll system is mainly referred to a list of employees that receive compensation from a company.HR Payroll system is a team used to describe the payroll function that fall under the umbrella of human resource.HR Payroll system helps HR professionals with the identification and selection of the Human Resource Information System.
The main function of the Payroll system is including automatic calculation of deductions for withholdings, like taxes, insurance, and retirement contribution. The main function of HR Payroll System is managing people within the organization and also responsible for calculating reimbursements, bonuses, overtime and holiday pay. The primary responsibility of the human resource department is, hearing the new employees and this involve attracting the right candidates for available positions.

Functions of HR Payroll System:

  • Payroll process is one of the single largest expense for most companies; it is very efficient and reliable.
  •  Payroll system used to simplify and save some labor time.
  • There are different types of payroll systems, HR will be take that option  based on assistance that you need with payroll
  • The payroll department is taking care of wage deductions; maintain the record and verifying the reliability of pay data.
  • Mainly function of payroll involves balancing and reconciling the data, Delivers payroll checks, Depositing and reporting taxes.

How to avoid payroll errors?

  • Track the leave start and end dates in employee record.
  • Check or ensure the all employee’s data are correct.
  • Check the employee’s insurance premiums.
  •  Review and maintain the report of processing payroll for employees. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Software Features

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning is business process management software. It allows the organization to use a system of integrated applications and help the business to manage and connect information from all core area of the organization, and it helps to improve the effective decision making, and back-office functions and human resources. In this ERP have different types of modules now we introduce our topic is the HR Payroll system in Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software can improve productivity, and increase efficiency and decrease cost.

Enterprise Resource Planning software has some features they are;


Mobility is one of the advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning, it will be used to access the centralized database from anywhere you work, like Home or office etc.. It is a mobile friendly application.

Cost Savings:

Enterprise Resource Planning application software is reduced to administrative and operating costs. In this application helps to make a decision more quickly, and it will allow manufacturers to proactively manage operations, breaks up information logjams.

Integrated Information:

Enterprise Resource Planning software is one of the integrated applications. It will help to more issues in spreading across the separate database. All information will be stored in a single location.


Data Security is very high in Enterprise Resource Planning application. Data Restrictions can also be enhanced by managers of solutions, so you can make own software as secure as you would like.

Customer Service:

It provides high-quality customer service using Enterprise Resource Planning application. It will base on work wise ERP solutions, and it will help people can interact with customer service through better and improve the relationship.

Advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning:

ü  Advanced e-commerce integration is possible in Enterprise Resource Planning.
ü  ERP System provides better visibility on companywide, and hence enable faster collaboration across all the departments.
ü  ERP system makes it easy to track the orders and inventory tracking and sales forecasting and related activities.
ü  It is possible to integrate other systems to ERP system through an API(application program interface).

employee database management software

Employee Management Software: WIN HRM Payroll is a powerful Cloud-based Employee Database Management Software Provider in India. WIN HRM Payroll Employee tracking Software simplifies employee management and reporting. Easily manage payroll, employee leave, attendance in a single dashboard.

Collect and store all your employee data place in one Centralized Database,With Excellent employee database management software, the user can easily track the Employee Leaves, Attendances, Time Sheets, and more.
  • User-friendly and organized Profiles

  • Data Securely on the Cloud
  • Unlimited cloud storage