Features to be considerd before selecting a leave management software

Online leave management software

Its never been a simple task for HR departments to manage employee leaves manually.It is one of the most important aspects for any business and includes much more than only granting and approving leaves of the entire staff. It is hard to maintain leave records manually in the form of spreadsheets etc, This can be replaced by online leave management software for maintaining leave records applying leaves online and also to check the number of leaves he left with, So before purchasing a leave management software certain features need to be considered to choose the best leave management software.

Features of leave management software :

1. Minimize Payroll Errors :

It becomes very difficult to manually monitor every leave taken by employees and calculate payouts correctly to run payroll, but this difficulty can be removed by having access to an auto-populated staff leave calendar integrated with your payroll management software, which calculates the leaves automatically and there will be no need to calculate leaves manually. Hence it enhances the overall efficiency of your human resource department and minimizes human errors on the payroll.

2. Self-service for Employees:

Employees coming to the HR to know whether their leave is confirmed or not makes it difficult for employees and to the hr department, So providing them with a self-service portal, where they can apply for leaves and also know about the approvals, makes it easy and also it acts as a single access point to manage all employee details, Therefore making leave management a trouble-free process for managers as well as their employees.

3. Keep a Check on Your Unscheduled Leaves : 

In any organization, unplanned leaves can have a deeper impact on overall productivity. employees can be on leave for many reasons, and having a look at any unplanned leaves can be too long and difficult.

A sophisticated leave management solution can be integrated seamlessly with your online attendance management software, no matter whether if it’s web-based attendance tracking, biometric device, or key card access. Sending timely notifications to the employer on a worker’s absence can reduce the wastage of time and productivity by allotting the same work to another employee. Hence reducing the efforts of the HR Department 

4. Enhance Decision Making with Reports and Intuitive Dashboards:

With this captured data, one can create analytical reports, either in the form of graphs or tables. It is very useful for any HR team, which spends a lot of time generating and examining reports to have access to such a helpful solution.