Cloud Payroll Management Software

Cloud Payroll Management Software

Pay Slip

Payslip includes Pay Category Details like Salary Code, CTC, Variable, Fixed, Professional Tax and type of salary (Earning/Deduction).
Statutory Compliances
Statutory compliances contains different panels like ESI (Amount which comes under ESI applicability, employer contribution to ESI (%).), PF(enter the amount which comes under PF eligibility), professional tax etc..

Full & Final Settlement

This is used to define the reason behind the Resignation by the employee. This list will reflect in the activities and process of the full and final statement.


Statutory Compliances

Provident Fund – PF

Employer PF percentage and component selection is setup based and employee PF amount 12% will be calculated on basic component. Both contribution amounts will be deducted from the ctc every month.

Employee State Insurance - ESI

ESI amount will be calculated 4.75% from employer side and 1.75% will be calculated from employee side. These amounts will be calculated on monthly gross and limit can be set up based. If the gross amount is less than the setup limit amount those people will eligible for ESI.Both contribution amounts will be deducted from the CTC every month.

Income Tax (TDS)

TDS will be calculated on CTC. Slabs will be defined based on age and CTC ranges this will be reflected in the tax part. The user can check declaration form multiple times in their perspective. Actual is the final one to submit the documents and file the income tax to the government


Profession tax (PT) For Most Indian States

This slab used to set the professional tax for state wise with salary ranges. PT amount will be deducted from the salary every month based on salary ranges define in the slabs.